Tim White from the AFR catches up with us

He writes: "Others take note: Yangarra’s wines now speak for themselves and of the place they are grown."

Tim White, the Australian Financial Review's renowned wine critic, came to visit us at Yangarra recently and wrote a fantastic article about the experience (access online here).

Here are some highlights:

"...I was unaware until I travelled around Yangarra’s 98.36 hectares of vineyards just what else had been happening on the property. Some years ago Fraser got switched on to the holistic system of crop and farm management, biodynamics. So much so that the property achieved full bio-certification this year... on the property itself Fraser talks earnestly about the need to respect the land he and vineyard manager, Michael Lane, tend to. Stock of all sorts roam the land – even the odd Texas Longhorn – and vines are cultivated traditional. New plantings of grenache, cinsault an. carignan are planted to bush vines, for example.

And all are within easy distance of a functional well-equipped winery including the aforementioned automatic sorting table, as well as the now de rigueur clutch of concrete eggs. Lane has his ‘toys’ too including the gentlest Pellenc under vine weeder which is vitally necessary when managing vineyards biodynamically (and therefore eliminating weedicides).

This care can be tasted in the wines. I’ve been ordering, drinking and loving Yangarra’s 2011 GSM. The fruit from fine old vineyards getting the respectful, thoughtful treatment it deserves. Others take note: Yangarra’s wines now speak for themselves and of the place they are grown."

Tim also reviewed three of our wines:

Yangarra Estate Vineyard Shiraz 2010
Smells deep, dark, pippy juicy forest berries, with wet autumn deciduous leaves. Rich and dark tasting too, with fruit slipperiness and fine comfy tannins. Wafts of conserve, coffee, crusty sourdough. 93/100, $26
Available for purchase here

Yangarra Estate Vineyard Old Vine Grenache 2011
Deep figgy forest fruit smelling: lush and McLaren Vale–ish. Has a toffee-apple and cedary spiciness, with plenty of figgy fruit. Fab effort in a tricky year. 95/100, $28
2012 vintage available for purchase here

Yangarra Estate Vineyard Mourvèdre 2010
Deep again this: soy, figgy ferrous smelling. Has rich earthy tastes and rusty, dense tannins which creep between the teeth. This is long and powerful. Hearty stuff. 94/100, $32
2012 vintage available for purchase here

September 19th 2013 | 1 Comments | Tags: shiraz, grenache, review, mourvedre

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Yangarra can thank Tim White for leading me to your fine wines.
So far I have drank the 2010 and the 2011 GSM. Great drops and I am a fan of Yangarra wines already.

By Ashok Chand on October 1st 2013 | 9:29PM

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