Sarah Ahmed on McLaren Vale ‘Grenache Greats’

Sarah Ahmed 'The Wine Detective' recently presented a McLaren Vale 'Grenache Greats' masterclass at Prowein in Dusseldorf, with the aim of showcasing top drawer, new wave McLaren Vale Grenache. We were thrilled that our 2015 High Sands Grenache was included in this masterclass. 

'The envelope-pushing continues – Fraser additionally makes Grenache in concrete eggs and ceramic pots (about which you can read in this report of my visit in 2015, which also features a mini-vertical of High Sands).  Though this vintage of High Sands has no new oak, in 2017, Fraser has trialled a Burgundy-coopered water-bent barrel of extra fine grain new oak with medium long toast “with some very exciting results.”  “The thinking,” he added, “was how do Grand Cru Burgundies fit so much new oak, but still have this amazing perfume etc, but yet Grenache it’s a winemaking no no!”  I won’t share his secret, but it points towards the ambition around a variety which, for many years, was viewed with contempt.'

.Read Sarah's full article here.


April 23rd 2018 | 0 Comments | Tags: wine, grenache, mclaren vale, high sands, vineyard, biodynamic, peter fraser, yangarra

Those ‘Other’ White Wines ~ Jane Faulkner

Halliday reviewer Jane Faulkner makes a compelling case for the texture, flavour and food-friendliness of France’s Rhone white varieties, which are excelling around the country. Article includes words from Yangarra's Peter Fraser, as well as Louisa Rose (Yalumba) and Alister Purbrick (Tahbilk).

Read Jane's full article here.


April 24th 2018 | 0 Comments | Tags: wine, mclaren vale, roussanne, halliday, peter fraser, adelaide, south australia, wine companion, white, yangarra

The Syrah Queen, Rupal Shankar on The Biodynamic Wines of Yangarra’

In February this year, our winemaker Peter Fraser met with Rupal Shankar 'The Syrah Queen' in New York. Read on to find out more, including Rupal's thoughts on some of the wines from our range.




May 22nd 2018 | 0 Comments | Tags: wine, grenache, mclaren vale, biodynamic, peter fraser, adelaide, south australia, yangarra, south australian wine, syrah

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