Organics + Biodynamics

Yangarra is committed to organic and biodynamic vineyard management that promotes sustainability and natural biodiversity on the Estate.

Vineyard and sustainability:


Starting our organic and biodynamic journey in 2008, Yangarra Estate has been certified biodynamic and organic with ‘Australian Certified Organic’ (ACO cert #11587) since 2012. Removing all synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers on our estate vineyard, we have observed and promoted a natural succession in soil and vine health.

Applying biodynamic preparations in our vineyard, we promote beneficial soil microbial biomass. We aid natural composting processes through mulching grasses under vine back into the soil, building organic matter.

Regular applications of preparation 500 (fermented cow manure buried in cow horns over winter) along with composted winery grape marc containing minor preparations 502-507 (Yarrow flower heads, chamomile flower, stinging nettle, oak bark, dandelion and valerian flowers) all promote a diverse soil microbiology in which our vines grow.

We apply preparation 501 as an atmospheric spray, made from ground quartz crystal which has been buried over summer in cow horns, aiding in light refraction and photosynthesis.

Grazing sheep through winter helps to control grasses throughout the vineyard, naturally fertilising soils and reducing compaction from tractors.

Encouraging Diversity:

Harbouring creeks lined with native vegetation, our estate promotes natural corridors for native and introduced flora and fauna. In the absence of pesticides, we have achieved a diverse balance of beneficial insects and animals throughout our vineyard, where no one species proliferates.