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2015 Yangarra Estate Vineyard High Sands Grenache – 95 points
Deep red/purple colour. The bouquet holds smoky, charry, savoury aromas with some dry spice notes, and has depth and gravity which mirrors the deep colour and is more profound than usual in pure grenache wines. Clove, pepper, mixed-spice aromas, full body and powerful flavour. The tannins are fine and soft and nicely balanced, providing impressive structure to the wine. An outstanding grenache. Drink 2020 - 2040

2015 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Ironheart Shiraz– 95 points
Deep, youthful red/purple colour. The bouquet is shy but fresh, bright and clean, with dark plum fruit and quite strongly stated oak. It's very full-bodied, rich and deep, with youthful and slightly undeveloped, tightly-packed flavours, which promise to bring forth more in the future if it's cellared. There's a super-abundancy of tannin as well, balancing the formidable concentration. A big, solid, rugged shiraz. One for the cellar. Drink  2021 – 2043

2018 Single Block Release - Campbell Mattinson

Yangarra Estate Roux Beauté Roussanne 2016 – 94 points
Grown biodynamically. 50% fermented on skins in two ceramic eggs, 50% fermented in ceramic eggs but not on skins. Final blend is 60% of the extended skin contact egg portion. Bottled unfined. 250-ish dozen made. Beautiful white wine. It crackles, it floats and it charms. Spice, florals, stone fruit and mineral. There’s grip to the finish but it doesn’t gather; it’s exquisitely well pitched and balanced. A class. Heady with florals but taut and controlled. Drink 2018 - 2022

Yangarra Estate Ovitelli Grenache 2016 – 95 points
Vines planted in 1946. Hand-picked, sorted, destemmed, crushed and tipped into 657 litre ceramic eggs. Kept on skins for 191 days post ferment; this is full of grape tannin goodness. No oak time at all; ceramic eggs only. It smells of grapes. It smells of the earth. It smells wild or free or something like that. It’s red-fruited with a trace of licorice, shows a gentle line of chicory, is spicy and earthen, and has a keen insistence to the finish. Tannin here, silty, is quite gorgeous. It has flare but it also has understatement. It’s a wine to take to the world. Drink 2018 – 2024

Yangarra Estate High Sands Grenache 2015 – 94+ points
Bush vine grenache, planted 1946. Handpicked, wild fermented, 50% whole berries, cold soaked, open fermenters, matured in French oak but none of it was new. Certified organic/biodynamic. Released May 2018. Keen fruit, pure tannin, a keen line of acidity and stunning length. If there’s oak here it’s so hand-in-glove that you’re hard pressed to detect it. Kirsch, redcurrant, fennel and generous flings of dry spice. It needs a little time but it’s a ripper wine. Drink 2019 - 2025

Yangarra Estate Ironheart Shiraz 2015 – 95 points
Hand-picked (organically-grown) grapes. 25% whole bunches. Cold soaked, open fermented, wild yeast, 48% new French oak for 15 months. Brilliant wine. Its quality impresses from the outset. Full-bodied but polite about it. Blackberry, plum, a jellied sweetness, a full serve of cedarwood oak, florals, peppercorns. Pretty in part, gutsy in other, svelte. Tannin rolls and rumbles from the mid-palate onwards but it comes flooded with flavour. Generous and joyous. Drink 2019 – 2032+


Anthony Keys of The Keys Report wrote an editorial piece and reviewed six of Yangarra’s wines. Please see below for the reviews and you can also click here for the full editorial.

2015 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Mourvèdre  – 97 points

This is the vinous equivalent of puddings with names such as death by chocolate. It offers so much pleasure it should only be sold to those of strong heart, deep passions and apprehension of sensuality. Let’s not spoil such beauty with winespeak.

2014 Yangarra Estate Vineyard ‘Old Vine’ Grenache  - 96 points

I got violets on the nose but others may find different smells. There’s a soft, juicy, raspberry start, which is often why (in my opinion) grenache isn’t taken seriously. It’s from the centre to the end that the magic appears. Complex flavours emerge, twisting and dancing around each other as in a pagan rite of fertility. After the dance of flavours there is the soft tranquility of cool reflection on the beauty of the wine.

2016 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Roussanne - 95 points

Twisting the glass in different directions, one can see hints of green or yellow. It’s rich on the nose, as in a faint scent of a rose. There is also a hint of damp, fresh earth. In the mouth it oozes across the palate (if the taster takes time) with a slight herbal edge to the richer apricot central spine. The wine rolls to the centre, where all flavours combine and finish the journey building in intensity, with great satisfaction for the drinker.

2014 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Shiraz – 95 points

Oh, so naughty. The nose is all those sexy pheromones that one senses but can’t define or pin. It’s full at the front of the mouth but not heavy, and sashays across the palate to end in glory.

2015 Yangarra Estate Vineyard GSM  - 95 points

One of the world’s great blends, this works on many levels, with a basket of red/black fruits skipping along on the upper level, and a sound base of acid/tannin supporting underneath

2016 Yangarra Estate Vineyard ‘PF’ Shiraz - 93 points

Not only biodynamic but preservative free, this has to tick many boxes for some wine drinkers. Black berry and plum fruits on the nose, medium weight on entry, well balanced on the journey and complete on the finish.


2016 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Viognier - 92 points

From the estate plantings, biodynamically farmed, hand picked and sent to winery to natural ferment. It hangs out in tank mostly but some older oak is also applied. It’s a good thing to drink, I reckon. Would love to be on the White House (the Yangarra ‘mansion’) patio drinking this on a summer’s night pre dinner. Feels like a good thing to start an evening with.
Subtle, fine, elegant expression of viognier. Has a soft, nutty complexion amongst the faint apricot, ripe apple, peach kisses in flavour. It’s very long, supple, licked at its heels with oatmeal savouriness, finishes with a quick zest of mixed citrus. So very easy to like the calm, even nature of this wine, and flavours are pleasing. Almost like a comfort white.

2015 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Mourvèdre - 94 points

Certified biodynamic in the vineyard. This has been a bit of a coup from Yangarra, in past. Mourvèdre seems to be a forte of winemaker Peter Fraser and team. Sanguine stuff here, bleeds with the variety in perfume, spice, herbs, earth and medium weight. McLaren Vale’s elite.
Somewhere between pinot noir and nebbiolo, in a way, this is wildly, highly perfumed, silky textured, just medium weight, fine and slender, fruity yet hedged with savoury-herbal detail. It’s a wine that bolshy red wine lovers will get into for its purple-feeling, ripe fruit and sweet spice, but those who want finesse from their wines will equally enjoy for its sheath of very firm yet feathery tannin and sleek profile. Highest quality tannin. Plenty of life here. Lots to go too. Very good.

2015 Yangarra Estate Vineyard GSM - 91 points

Old vine grenache makes up the thrust of this wine. It’s from organically grown (certified) vineyards. McLaren Vale does GSMs very well, I reckon. Let the shiraz play second fiddle to the region’s better red grape variety, I say.
It’s a nice thing to drink, easy thing to drink, feels smooth, even and tidy-ish in its components. That being said, oak peeks out a bit in old spice cupboard, pencil shavings and twigginess in perfume and palate, but there’s just about enough dark fruit, Xmas cake dried fruits and spice and earthiness to move things along. Just medium weight, finishes a touch short with smudged dusty tannins. Again, nice drink.

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