Gary Walsh reviewed and scored 2014 Yangarra Small Pot Ceramic Egg Grenache (his top wine from the regional tasting!), 96 points, 2014 Yangarra Mourvedre, 94 points and 2014 Yangarra Old Vine Grenache, 93 points in The Wine Front which appeared on July 6. Please see below for the reviews. 

2014 Yangarra Estate Small Pot Ceramic Egg Grenache -  96 points
“This was my top wine from our recent regional McLaren Vale tasting. Tasted nearly 100 wines over one and a half days, blind. This one leapt out. Peppery, bunchy, spicy, raspberry, perfumed. Light to medium bodied, spicy and frisky, cool acidity, dry chalky mineral tannin, savoury and long. Great wine.”

2014 Yangarra Estate Mourvedre, 94 points
“Fragrant, spicy, earthy, blackberries. Medium to full bodied, crisp, floral and earthy at once, grainy tannin, fresh and long to close. Super expression of Mataro. Spot on.”

2014 Yangarra Estate Old Vine Grenache, 93 points
“Savoury, spicy, earthy, pear drops, sausage, raspberry and cherry. Light to medium bodied, spicy and earthy, Pinot like, controlling grip of tannin, alpine herbs on a long finish. Complex. 93 or 94 points.”


Just the ticket, tasting eight white wines shortly after breakfast, after a big night, after a big day’s tasting the previous day. Anyway, it was a beautiful crisp winters’ day in McLaren Vale, big doors slung open, cool breeze blowing in, rolling hills and vineyards the external vista, Mike B shuffling around in his tracksuit pants, tasting Shiraz, the internal one. That’s your mise en scène. Thanks to Pete Fraser for leaving the wines for us, and for making them so good.

2008 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Roussanne -  93-94 points
Dazzling golden colour. Spicy, waxy, nutty flavour with silky glossy texture cut by lemon zest acidity, honeycomb and cling peach, finishes bright and zingy. 2016-2020

2009 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Roussanne - 90 points
Funky estuarine smells, spice, low flavour, all tang and lemon with a slightly warm and loose finish. Like the spice and funk, and it looks pretty young, but doesn’t have a great deal of flavour or length. 2016-2020

2010 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Roussanne - 89 points
Honey and ripe line, briny, nectarine. Lightly toasty and honeyed, juicy lemon and fine acid cut, nice texture of gentle chalkiness, finishes with buttered lime marmalade on toast. Slight old butter character in the aftertaste. 2016-2018

2011 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Roussanne - 93 points
Slightly earthy, spice, delicate fruit, savoury style, bottle aged with crisp acidity and crunchy length. Lighter iteration, but thoroughly charming and interesting. 2016-2021

2012 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Roussanne - 93 points
Lemon curd, slight spice, light buttery tones, melon and juicy citrus acidity, good crunch on the finish and pleasing sense of harmony. Think this is just about in the zone. 2016-2020

2013 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Roussanne -  93-94 points
Preserved lemon, spice, fennel and honey. Bright and crunchy, with flesh and savoury flavours, cool acidity and chalky texture, long finish. Super release. 2016-2022

2014 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Roussanne - 94-95 points
Lemon barley, pie apple, honey and white flowers, touch of cedar and spice. Smooth, mellifluous tone, savoury and earthy with poached chicken and lemon zest. Super length. Beautiful complex wine. 2016-2022

2015 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Roussanne - 93+ points
Fresh perfumed, fennel seed, white flower and vanilla perfume, ripe lemon. Rich and almost creamy, maybe a little under-powered, but full of character. Airy kind of feel to it, and a good finish. Tasty. In evolution, but fine now too. 2017-2024


2014 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Old Vine Grenache - 90 points
Deep red with a tinge of purple; the bouquet is spicy and vanillan, quite intense and complex with some of the earthy ironstone mineral notes this vineyard often shows. It's rich and smooth, round and - true to the vineyard - not as fruit-sweet or lush as McLaren Vale grenache from lower altitudes. (14.5% alc.) Tasted 5/4/2016 | Drink 2016 to 2026

2014 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Mourvedre – 90 points
Deep, dark red-purple hue and a meaty, pepper and spice aroma, loaded with character. The wine is intense and structured, with some fruit sweetness, and a certain animal note which is common in this grape. It's tightly focused and firm to finish. (14% alc.) Tasted 5/4/2016 | Drink 2016 to 2027

2014 Yangarra Estate Vineyard GSM – 91 points
Deep purple-red glowing youthful colour and a pepper/spice and gently vegetal aroma which is clean and characterful. It's intense and full-bodied with taut acidity and greater amplitude than the straight grenache, lasting long on the aftertaste. A terriifc mouthful of wine at the price. (14.5% alc.) Tasted 5/4/2016 | Drink 2016 to 2030

2013 Yangarra Estate Vineyard High Sands Grenache – 93 points
Deep-ish red with a tinge of purple and a very smoky, seemingly oaky bouquet, plus lots of crushed-rock mineral notes. The acid is high, the tannins abundant and firm, and the wine should be long-lived. It's very tight and firm. A total contrast to the rich, opulent fruit-sweet styles of lower altitude McLaren Vale sites. (14.5% alc.) Tasted 5/4/2016 | Drink 2020 to 2038

2013 Yangarra Estate Vineyard Ironheart Shiraz – 95 points
Very deep, dark red-purple hue and a tremendously concentrated aroma of graphite, pepper, spices and earth. It's very full-bodied and dense, concentrated and firm with tight tannins and relatively little fruit sweetness. Instead, there's amazing structure. The whole-bunch component gives a vegetal note to the complex bouquet. A very big, muscular, powerful wine which needs ages. (14.5% alc.) Tasted 5/4/2016 | Drink 2021 to 2043


2014 Roux Beauté Roussanne - 94 points

Two concrete eggs, with one left on skins for 100 and something days. Final blend is 60% of the extended skin contact egg. I'd love to have tasted a 100% verson, though that's just me.

Honey and almonds, something like chicken stock, subtle apricot perfume. Juicy and almost peachy, with citrus and almonds, suede-like tannin, spot on acidity and a savoury, yet honey nut cornflake infused finish. Yum. Feels a little bolder than last year, but tastes just as good. 

2013 High Sands Grenache - 96 points

271 cases. 210 meters above sea level. 1946 planting. Only old oak. 50% whole bunch. The 2012 was very easy to judge in the glass, while this 2013 took a while to get my head around. As an aside, a Nebbiolo/Burgundy glass ended up being the best vessel for delivery of this wine. Needs a decant or plenty of air, if you open one now.

Very earthy, peppery and spicy, boot polish, Old Jamaica chocolate, dried roses, raspberry, cherries, dried mint – so much going on! Medium bodied, deeply fruited, tannic, but in a very silky way (likely that will make sense should you taste it). Plush raspberry flavour, meat and spices, fresh acidity, distinct ‘mineral’ feel. Long and almost blackcurranty in the aftertaste, with a trail of fine silty tannin. A vin de garde; feels unevolved and painfully young at present. Challenging. I thought about it. And thought some more. Drank some. Then drank some more. And in the end? A conclusion and a score.

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