The new Yangarra winery was designed to easily handle all the fruit grown on the estate.

Yangarra Estate wines are made by picking the grapes on their elegance and texture as much as flavour intensity – wines which most accurately reflect their special source.

The new winery was designed by Peter Fraser to ensure the age-old winemaking techniques can be carried out efficiently and cleanly.

All Yangarra Estate fruit is first sorted by a Vaucher Beguet mechanical grape sorting machine, which removes inferior berries and regular harvest contaminants like bugs.

There is no need for crushing. We are determined to handle the berries as gently as possible.

Our open fermenters are essential. Each one has a heating plate in its base, and cooling jackets in its sides. Maceration and skin-plunging is conducted with great sensitivity. Only wild indigenous yeasts are employed.

Sloping floors in all tanks make it easy to dump skins into bins for pressing; all pressing is done in modern stainless versions of the traditional wooden basket press.

All Yangarra Estate wines are seasoned in oak barrels, predominantly aged French, with the focus on minimal manipulation and intervention giving us elegant wine of concentration, complexity and texture. 

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