Yangarra Estate specialises in Mediterranean varieties grown mainly as bush vines. Our whole wine philosophy is built around the Estate's original, dry-farmed bush vines planted in 1946.

2018 Ovitelli Grenache$55.00 - Sold Out

2018 Kings Wood Shiraz$55.00

2019 Roussanne$35.00 - Sold Out

2016 Old Vine Grenache 375mL (Half Bottle)$18.00

2017 High Sands Grenache$160.00 - Sold Out

2020 Grenache Rosé$27.00

2020 Blanc$27.00

2017 Ironheart Shiraz$110.00

2020 PF Shiraz$27.00

2019 Noir$27.00

2019 Old Vine Grenache$35.00

2017 Mourvèdre$35.00 - Sold Out

2018 Shiraz$35.00

2018 Roux Beauté Roussanne$55.00 - Sold Out


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